I'm Michela (MI-KE-LA), the creative “grey matter” behind DirtyMonsoon.

Born and raised in a Swiss alpine valley not far from the Italian border (you could have called me Heidi at that time), I certainly experienced several transformations in my living environment over the following decades.

The most dramatic change took place in 2010 when, with my little family, I left the Old Continent for the Far-Far-East and settled in Hanoi, Vietnam.

What was first intended to be an exciting two-year adventure accompanying my husband in his architectural projects has turned into a long-term love affair with the Asian culture and a semi-permanent residence for our couple and our two young boys.

A self-taught designer, I come from an art history background and have a deep-seated love for colours, patterns, and bold and graphic designs. My inspirations are grabbed from my everyday Vietnamese life, as well as from my frequent meandering around the Asian continent.

Kids growing, finding time to take forward my creative energy, it’s kind of natural that the idea of developing my own business started gaining momentum. The time was ripe...